Anonymous asked:

How do you identify as far as sexual orientation goes? (If you're cool with posting this, I mean.)

nonnonmodernist answered:

i’m queer. 

i’m queer because i think attraction is a really complicated thing and i’ve never ever known it to be limited by gender expression or “biological sex.” i’m queer because i know for a fact that both of those things exist on a spectrum that “man” and “woman” don’t even begin to cover. i’m queer because i’ve had sex with “men” and “women”. i’m queer because i’ve felt attracted to genderqueer people and trans people and genderfluid people and drag queens and drag kings and pretty much every expression in between. i’m queer because i feel like this. i’m queer because i read kate bornstein at 17. i’m queer because it’s politically expedient to use the word. i’m queer because i like to fuck with the patriarchy. i’m queer because i like to challenge everything we were taught about love, sex, and desire. i’m queer because it breaks binaries wide fucking open.