It’s raining pretty good today. So, naturally, we went for a little paddle out to the point and through the kelp beds. We were rewarded with a trace of rainbow in the east, over Campus Point. 

Jackie did great, and it was the first time she’s worn her pfd :  ).

Actually, I was joking with “naturally.” I get mad anxiety, even over things I love, when I haven’t done them for a while. It was hard to leave the shop with the intention of putting in. But then… there is anxiety over things like social gatherings, things that matter, but don’t define who you are; and there is anxiety over the activities/actions that make you You. I’m ok with missing the social functions from time to time. Missing the things that make me tick, because of this anxious dread that altogether too many of us are impacted by? That sends me into a downward spiral of depression. And today, I simply couldn’t have that. Today, we paddled on our Ocean, in the rain, and it was nice.